CeRe: Resource Center for Public Participation

We set up in 2006 on the belief that public decisions must be taken in a participatory way. Meaning that, the mayor, the minister, the school principal – or anyone with decision-making power – must listen to people when taking a decision.

By public participation we understand the process by which citizens and organizations:

  • Express their needs and desires
  • Defend their interests and rights
  • Contribute to public policy making and public decision-making
  • React and demand accountability to officials and public institutions

And public institutions and those who work for  them:

  • Consult citizens and organizations when developing policies and make decisions
  • Take into account what people say
  • Use the community expertise

To contribute to this  vision, we support people and NGOs to get organized and make their voice heard by decision makers, we advocate to ensure space for participation and promote advocacy and activism as effective ways to effect change.