We believe that citizens and organizations need to make their voice heard when they have something to say in public decisions that concern them. For this, we have two types of related intervention:

Community organizing: increases the power of unorganized people, helps them organize themselves and fight for their causes.

Our intervention follows the classic model of organizing at neighbourhood level, a model consisting of: 1. „door-to-door” knocking and home visits to those living there. Through this step we aim to get to know the neighbourhood and the people better, identify potential leaders and mobilize them for action; 2.Building neighbourhood groups. We want to leave behind democratic organizations that can work independently for the good of the neighbourhood; 3.Supporting the groups for collective action and advocacy campaigns. Once people are united and have a common goal, CeRe helps them to start a dialogue with the responsible institutions and make them solve some of the neighbourhood’s problems.

Advocacy Support: we support various campaigns led by citizens’ organizations and groups, or we help punctually with information and advice. Are they cutting linden trees in Iasi? Then “Iasi loves linden trees” Group must know how to intervene in the public decision. Are the diagnosis criteria for people with autism incorrect? Then organizations in the field need to know how to convince ministries to change them. The specificity of this service is flexibility and readiness. You have a problem, call or write an email and get help, whether you don’t know exactly how to write a petition or whether you want someone to help you think a campaign’s strategy.

Having civic groups and strong individual voice organizations, the next step was to create a network to unite these voices. The Bucharest Civic Network was born out of the conviction of the groups we work with that together they can be stronger and make their voices matter more in the eyes of decision-makers.

The 13 civic groups have decided to support each other and act together to ensure that all citizens are informed, consulted and involved in the decision-making and implementation of urban development.