Project description

The project implementation period is December 2019- August 2022.

Story of Change – School for Active Citizenship is a partnership project between six organizations:

CeRe, Romania

CTF, Common Thing Foundation, Poland

CKA, Civil Kollegium Alapitvany, Hungary

SoM, Serbia on the Move, Serbia

ECON, European Community Organizing Network

CKO, Centrum Komunitneho Organizovania, Slovakia

The project aims to raise the competences of local leaders from the partner countries in community organizing. It envisions creating interactive training tools that can be used by the community organizers in training, learning events, and promoting creatively the community organizing in Europe.

The project includes the organization of the following three learning events:

  • Power of stories – to be organized in Serbia
  • How to engage – to be organized in Hungary
  • Community organizing in time of crisis – to be organized in Romania

The training will focus on the topics of engaging and organizing people around various issues and problems that affect them, to strengthen their public narrative and advocacy campaigns. The direct target group of the project is 120 leaders and organizers from the project partner countries.

Additional to the learning events following Intellectual Outputs will be produced within the project

The board game will be an innovative educational game that will be used during training sessions, workshops, and working with groups. Its purpose is to familiarize participants with the method of community organizing and the principles of effective work with local communities. The game will provide an environment for safe testing, making mistakes, and learning through experience.

This mobile application is designed to help the civically engaged citizens to learn about the community organizing cycle and methodology. It will guide the users through the first steps of community organizing,  provide theoretical information on how to initiate a civic group; identify issues; strengthen the team knowledge and capacities; increase the resources; plan and implement advocacy campaigns, etc.

The main objective of the publication is to create a catalog of inspiration for various citizens on community organizing campaigns and advocacy actions that can lead to improving the quality of life. These stories will be tactical and strategic dilemmas, of the real challenges that NGOs, civic groups, and the community organizers face in community work.

All project products will be available in English and all the partner’s languages: Romanian, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, and Serbian.

„Story of Change – School for Active Citizenship” is part of the ERASMUS+ EU program Action 2: Strategic Partnership, financially supported through the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) – National Agency for ERASMUS +  its registered office in Warsaw.