Civic steps towards a strong community

 “We work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe”

CeRe and CIVICA will offer assistance in advocacy for 1 year to 12 civic groups and NGOs.

Together with Civica Association, we are pleased to announce the organizations and civic groups with whom we will be working and which will get our support through the project Civic steps towards a strong community which will last for 1 year.

The main objective of this advocacy project is to create strong organizations and civic groups. We want to increase the power of these groups and organizations, which will lead to them being able to identify the real problems in their communities, promote them and find solutions together with the authorities and act in accordance with the needs of the community.  

The Citizens Group from the 16 February Neighbourhood fight for the basic needs in their community – utilities, access to education, the repair of the bridge which connects them with the community.

The Youth Neighbourhood and Park have as their purpose the transformation of their community in a place build for the people that live in the area – a place accessible to pedestrians, green, alive and full of events.

Bartolomeu Avantgarden Community Association wants more green spaces and a healthy environment in which they can live and raise their children, where the needs of the people are being heard when new constructions are being build.

The Caravan with Doctors wants more efficiency and flexibility when it comes to offering medical services, education and help with prevention and screening.

“Playground for Grozăvești” is a group of mothers who want a place where their children can safely play outside and more green space for District 6.

Civis Mogosoaia Association wants a more united community, where the problems should be resolved by the public administration which should put the needs of the people first.

APTA – Alliance for the Promotion of Alternative Transport in Iași is a coalition formed by 11 organizations working to make the public space in  Iași  more accessible and a better infrastructure both for the use of bicycles, scooters and the use of public transport. APTA wants to make the Păcurari Boulevard accessible and to create a master plan for bicycles in Iași

The DizAbil.Eu Vrancea Group wants more accessible spaces in the public institutions. The group wants to make a map of all the institutions in Focșani which require accessibility and to make the authorities take into account the needs of people with mobility difficulties.

Rise OUT is an grassroots type organization, which has as its mission the support of persons from the LGBTQ community in Iași. The organization wants more visibility and inclusion for the LGBTQ community on the local level.

The Me, you and them Youth Association fights to protect the heritage buildings in Focșani.

Our Bicaz Association wants to contribute to the development of the city of Bicaz. They organize activities in order to reduce the number of people who are in danger of poverty and to prevent social exclusion and they want to convince the local authorities to be more transparent and opened to collaboration with the local community.

Horpaz Civic Association is a civic group that wants to convince the local authorities to find and implement solutions for the development of the Ezăreni area and also to take into account the wishes of the community.

“The project is implemented by CeRe: Resources Centre for Public Participation in partnership with Civica Association and benefits from financial support from the Active Citizens Fund Romania, program financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the SEE 2014-2021 Grants. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the position of the SEE and Norwegian 2014-2021 Grants. For more information, access

*CeRe support groups and organizations regardless of their cause. However, we will not support causes that contradict our values: diversity, equity, equality, courage, solidarity, trust, participatory democracy.