April 2018


The Public Participation Awards Gala, a gala about solidarity and collective power


The winners of the 9th edition of the Gala are the people who gave a strong voice to their communities.

The 9th edition of the Public Participation Awards Gala, the annual event organized by CeRe: the Resource Center for Public Participation, awarded 13 of the most effective civic actions and advocacy campaigns from last year in Romania. The event took place on April 19, at the National Art Museum of Romania.

This year’s message – „Activism sometimes catches you unprepared but seldom alone”, appeal to solidarity for civic actions that do not have visibility among the general public and the media but have a positive impact on various communities.

“This year’s Gala talks about solidarity and collective power. We think we have to overcome this moment of pessimism. We need to find new ways to make our efforts stronger in this fight for a way of government in which citizens are in the center.

We believe that solidarity between the activists that are protesting in front of the government and those who build day by day, petition with petition, campaign with campaign is a possible answer.

We believe that solidarity between those who want a more beautiful city and those who want better services for children with autism or between those who want better housing and those who fight anti-corruption is a possible answer.” Oana Preda – Executive Director


The winners of the 9th edition of the 2018 Public Participation Awards Gala:

  1. 6 to 5 for public health Award, SAMAS Association, „CNA Face to Face with Breastfeeding” campaign: they convinced the National Audiovisual Council to include in the television advertising breaks a message to promote breastfeeding of the baby up to 6 months.
  2. The Hub of e-Participation Award, The Civic Rădăuţi Initiative Group, „Civism, transparency and stubbornness in Rădăuţi” campaign, they have voluntarily rebuilt the town hall’s website and have placed on the local agenda issues such as decision-making transparency.
  3. With 50% closer to education Award, The Pupils’ Association from Călăraşi, „Non-subsidized transport campaign – removed barrier to education”- they have led the local government to subsidize transportortation costs by 50% for students in and around the city.
  4. With it’s nose on it’s paws circus award, WWF Romania, Freedom for animals campaign: after a broad public campaign, the law on the ban on wild animals in the circuses in Bucharest passed.
  5. Transparency is not in the minority award,Atlatszo Erdely Egyesulet Association (Transparent Transylvania Association), „How does UDMR spend 5 million euros annually” project: they determined UDMR to make public the information on public funds management worth 5 million euros, money allocated annually to the party by the Government of Romania
  6. The State with the fly 13 on the cap award, Ovidiu Mihut – simple citizen passionate about fishing in mountain waters, „The desertification of the Făgăraş Mountains and the illegal acquisition of the state owned land” campaign: along with his fishermen’s colleagues, Ovidiu Mihuţ drew the public’s attention to the negative impact on the environment, produced by the micro-hydropower plants in the protected mountain areas.
  7. The parallel pontoon award, HaicuBicla Association, „Bypassing Herăstrău Park and making it safe for pedestrians, people with disabilities and cyclists” campaign: they determined the public authorities to build a pedestrian pontoon in Herastrau Park after the only access route in the north of the park across the railroad killed two people in 2017.
  8. The power from Canta 60B award, Oana Vasiliu, „The Revolution of the Canta Social House” campaign: drew the public’s attention to the abuses of some public institutions on the families in a social housing hostel from Iasi.
  9. Short circuit at Hidroelectrica award, Calin Dejeu, „No hydro power plants in national parks” campaign: he mobilized thousands of citizens and several environmental organizations to oppose Hidroelectrica’s intention to exploit the Jiu River by building two hydro power plants in the Jiu defile.
  10. Learn to say stop award, Necuvinte Association, „Caravan of change” campaign: they have sensitized and informed the public about the phenomenon of domestic violence and have led the local administration in Constanţa to set up an emergency counseling and reception center for victims of domestic violence.
  11. A pen named power award, to Special Category Journalists, Georgiana Ilie, Decat o Revista for „Earthquake in the vulnerable city” and Matei Barbulescu – The House of the Journalist for „He was a weak child”.
  12. Special Youth Award, given by ERASMUS+, National Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Vocational Training, Babilon Travel Association, project „EMVISION – The empowerment of visually impaired young people to support inclusion policy reforms”: they built a favorable context for visually impaired young people to be better represented before decision-makers and to better integrate them into the community.
  13. CeRe Special Prize, Justice for all: offered to the 3 lawyers, Carmen, Iulia and Luiza, who offered pro-bono legal advice to civic initiatives in Bucharest. In the same category, CeRe offered the special award to APADOR-CH for a balanced voice and constructive dialogue in its human rights monitoring and campaigning. Another award in this category was offered to the participants in the silent protest of magistrates in the context of changes to the laws of justice.

More details about civic initiatives and advocacy campaigns awarded at the 2018 Gala are found in the gala catalog.

The event was broadcasted LIVE, by the RezistenţaTV