Civic steps for a strong community

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The project “Civic Steps for a strong community” is a CeRe: Resources Center for public participation project in partnership with Civica Association, which seeks to respond to the need to increase the power and the capacity of organization of civic groups which seek to hold the public authorities accountable when it comes to different themes of public interest such as: social services, civic space, environment, health, education etc. Involvement in the governing process is a difficult one, which needs to involve strong civic actors especially when the authorities are inflexible and disrespect the principles of democracy.

The project will increase the advocacy capacity of 12 organizations and civic groups and will put on the agenda of the authorities 12 problems of public interest through advocacy actions that will be conducted by organizations/beneficiary groups, with the support of CeRe and Civica.

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“The project, is implemented by CeRe: Resources Center for Public Participation in partnership with Civica Assocaiton and benefits from a financing amounting to 174.437 euros, through the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the SEE 2014-2021 Grants. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the position of the SEE and Norwegian 2014-2021 Grants. For more information access Available information about the Active Citizens Funds Romania can be found at