A playground for children, saving green spaces, better education and health laws, free local student transportation are often the result of campaigns initiated by citizens or NGOs, who persuaded state institutions to do, or to stop doing something. A fair local budget or a fair law are sometimes the result of consultations with citizens organized by the administration.

The Public Participation Awards Gala  is the scene where we annually reward courageous citizens that are stubborn enough to push administration to solve things that are not working well. It’s the scene we also provide to institutions when demonstrating citizen involvement in decision-making.

Every year, we strive to discover the most interesting advocacy or public consultation initiatives. A diverse jury reads the few dozens of registrations. They look at the changes created, at the power balance equilibrium, people involvement, the perseverance of the initiators, and then they choose the winners.

Then we open the stage.

The awards we give at the Gala are the symbol of the power and perseverance of citizens and organizations to make the state listen to the voice of the people before making important decisions on their behalf.

The Gala offers its audience inspiration, energy and power. And it gives us the opportunity to applaud those who demonstrate that governance is made together.

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